Where the gods fly afl

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Where the gods fly afl

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Thank you, Brother Rick [Bloomingdale], for inviting me, and for your powerful and inspired leadership. Thank you, Brother Frank [Snyder], for your toughness and energy and all you do. If you want to know the power of unions here in Pennsylvania, I have two words for you: Working people and the power of a union-run, member-to-member campaign are what carried the 18th Congressional District.

Conor Lamb shared our agenda and spoke out for our members. He talked about the importance of the labor movement everywhere he went.

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He embraced our fight to secure economic justice and lifelong dignity for all working people. Working people noticed, and we showed up in droves to mobilize our union brothers and sisters.

We knocked on doors, made calls and sat down with members at their worksites. We talked to teachers and municipal employees in suburban Allegheny County, steelworkers in the small towns of Washington County and coal miners in the rural stretches of Greene County.

From the headquarters of the state federation to the packed field offices of our CLCs, working people put our blood and sweat into this campaign. We knocked on the doors of more than 34, union households and made more than 48, calls.

Person by person, we mobilized a grassroots movement.

Where the gods fly afl

Earning the support of working people is a high bar. And it extends well beyond the campaign trail. Union members used our passion and resources to help elect Conor Lamb. Now we are going to use that same energy to hold him accountable in office.

Winning elections is only the first step. Winning pro-worker policies is the ultimate goal. Working people proved that we will move heaven and earth to help a genuine ally.

If you want working people to rally around you, then you sure as hell better rally around us. Fight with us, and win with us! We extend the same invitation to Republicans.

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We want fair economic rules so working people can work hard and get ahead, and we will gladly go to bat for any Republican who goes to bat for us. We want working family wins.

Our ancestors bled and died for our freedom to stand together in strong unions, and to negotiate for a better life. We will honor them by walking that same path. Conor Lamb was just the tip of the iceberg.


We organizednew union members last year. Teachers are walking out. Working people are speaking out. Momentum is on our side. This is our time.Track AFL flight from Zhukovsky International to Zhukovsky International. Flight Tracker (en route flights, arrivals, departures, history) with live maps and aircraft photosAFL.

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