Uw dream project

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Uw dream project

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Filling out the form is a necessary step to getting financial aid for college. The response was immediate: Since then, it has grown rapidly, and last year reached 1, seniors in 16 high-poverty Seattle-area high schools, many of whom would be the first in their families to go to college.

About UW students participated this past year, spending an hour a week in high-school classrooms to prep students on the SAT or ACT, help them fill out college applications and apply for public and private scholarship money.

Uw dream project

Washington has one of the lowest rates in the nation of college-bound teens — by one count, this state is 46th, with only about half of its graduates going to college directly from high school.

The Dream Project message: We just did it. Teen spoken here The UW mentors speak teen, and can pull out all the social-networking stops: They use texting, Facebook and email to cajole their mentees to write their essays, sign up for free scholarship workshops and fill out financial-aid paperwork.

With their recent success at getting into the most selective public university in the state, UW students have both technical knowledge and pragmatic advice for anyone applying to college, said Ed Taylor, vice provost and dean of undergraduate academic affairs at the UW.

Taylor said college mentoring projects abound — many colleges and universities offer some form of help to high-school students. Its students are sophisticated, well-trained and unusually committed, he said.

Renton High principal Damien Pattenaude agreed. Renton is one of two schools where the whole senior class is being mentored; the other school is the Tyee Educational Complex, three small schools on one campus in the Highline School District. Then his mentor, Olivia Kozyra, began quizzing him about his life story.

Asfaw, who was born in Ethiopia, moved to Seattle when he was 6 years old, and said he felt lucky to get the right mentoring help and land a scholarship to go to the UW. Asfaw said the program goes beyond helping underprivileged kids get into college; it helps the UW students, too.

As part of the Dream Project, UW students take a general-studies class for credit that delves into social justice, empowerment and the relationship between the two. He is now doing postgraduate work at the University of Cambridge in England.

His parents were supportive of his dreams, but blunt: Now that the project is 5 years old, many UW students who participate — like Dacuan — were themselves mentored in high school by Dream Project students.

Measuring success As part of the grant the UW received from the Gates Foundation, Myers Twitchell is gathering data to determine if the project has been effective at getting more first-generation students to go to college.

UW student Olivia Kozyra, who grew up in Spokane and graduated from a high school that was 90 percent white, said it has opened her eyes to poverty and social justice.

A photo caption on seattletimes. The project is not part of the fund.The latest Tweets from UW Dream Project (@UWDreamProject). University of Washington students partnering with high school students in an effort to assist students to make the leap to the next level of education.

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The Dream Project relies on college student mentors! If you’re interested in joining our team, read the information below. The class is open to any University of Washington undergraduate or graduate student. Other community members are welcome to participate in our annual Admissions Workshop Day.

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View the Dream House Dream Kitchens gallery page to see the latest images from our most recently completed projects. If you can dream it Dream House can do it! The Husky recognizes UW undergraduate and graduate students who are making the most of their time at the UW.

A program that pairs student-mentors from the University of Washington with low-income middle and high school students has had a significant impact helping those students get into college, a new consultant report has concluded. The program is called the Dream Project, and it was started 10 years ago by University of Washington undergraduates. Turning Point is a state-of-the-art media institute offering both short and long term programmes to students who aim to equip themselves with necessary skills before they plunge headlong into the highly competitive world of television and digital media. Capital Planning & Development (CPD) is comprised of several units that plan, build and manage comprehensive capital projects. Our business units include.

UW Dream Project. Admissions Workshop Weekend November 19 and The Dream Project is a student-initiated, student-led program that partners UW students with first-generation and low-income students from local high schools, as they navigate through the college admissions process.

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