The disparity between intellect and character

Kaplan is an observer and analyst of modern conflicts.

The disparity between intellect and character

His wife bore him a son and a daughter in Tarascon, and apparently engaged in moneylending to support him.

The disparity between intellect and character

He spent much of his life traveling from place to place, perhaps for domestic reasons: We may also assume that his elitist tendencies forced him to leave the Jewish community of his home town; there is also some evidence of Christian persecution.

He attributed his own peregrinations to his constant quest for wisdom: I found there the fourth and fifth generations of his holy seed, all of them righteous, but none of them devoted to science. In all the Orient there were no scholars… A day came when the spirit of the Lord moved me to search among the capitals of the West; so I traveled through Catalonia and Aragon, and at this moment I live in the great city of Valencia.

The disparity between intellect and character

If the Quickener of the dead grant me life, I will again traverse the whole of Aragon and Spain. I will cross to Fez, for I have heard that it is a seat of learning Kaspi was well educated.

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He was familiar with the classical Hebrew religious literature, such as the Talmud and earlier Bible commentaries. He was well versed in the works of Maimonides and his translator Samuel ibn Tibbon, and probably also familiar with Falaquera's commentary on The Guide of the Perplexed.

By his own admission, however, his knowledge of halakhic literature was limited. The date of his death is unknown; the latest date in his works is He must have died several years later, however, since he wrote several books after that date. Exegesis Kaspi considered himself primarily as a commentator.

Kaspi's interpretative truth, he insists, is concerned not with the author and his intention, but with the reader and his or her understanding: The commentator can speak for himself alone. Such exegesis is subjective, dependent on each of the work's innumerable readers.

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Nevertheless, Kaspi is sometimes fairly certain of the author's meaning: Kaspi here outlines a rather pretentious doctrine, namely, that God somehow informed him of the secret hidden in the text.

The criterion of his certainty is coherence. However, given Kaspi's own theology see belowthere is no need to assume that he was claiming to have received a supernatural revelation.

Logic Kaspi accused his predecessors of misunderstanding Scripture because they had not used logic:Firstly, intelligence is considered to be a cognitive process, while personality is recognised as being non-cognitive, and this implies that there is a great distinction between personality and intelligence.

Explain the difference between “character” and “intellect” 1.

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Explain the difference between “character” and “intellect” with regard to morality as discussed in Robert Coles’ article, “The Disparity between Intellect and Character.” 2.

Sep 22,  · Over years ago, Ralph Waldo Emerson gave a lecture at Harvard University, which he ended with the terse assertion: "Character is higher than intellect." Even then, this prominent man of Author: Robert Coles. In the article “Point of View” by Robert Coles the disparity between intellect and character is discussed.

A Harvard professor gives a detailed account of a student of his whom had discovered the unfortunate truth about morality; just because one has knowledge and understanding of morality, does not mean that they will necessarily put to use these teachings in their daily actions.

Explain the difference between “character” and “intellect”

The method to assure the closing of that gap between intellect and character, between knowledge and action, is the pursuit of knowledge for the sake of action, for the sake of doing better.

I don't know about you, but for me this is not a "given". Title The disparity between intellect and character Author Coles, Robert Publication title The Chronicle of Higher Education Volume 42 Issue 4 Pages A68 Number of pages 1 Publication year Publication date Sep 22, Year Publisher Chronicle of Higher Education.

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