Sarah imeinu the mother of the jewish people

We often don't recognize our true role models until we have noticed our own personal growth and progress. In the midst of the modern world, we often look to our matriarchs and patriarchs for moral guidance. Just as we look to them as role models to be emulated in our lives and in the resolution of our own moral dilemmas, so do we learn from them when they falter and we may then learn how not to act. When thinking about significant influence in my life my mind often wonders to Sarah Imeinu, the mother of the Jewish people.

Sarah imeinu the mother of the jewish people

What earned her the right to be the mother of all mothers to the Jewish people, even to the world? Why did Shlomo HaMelech (King Solomon) compose “Aishes Chayil” (sung in Jewish homes each Friday night after Shalom Aleichem and before Kiddush) with Sarah Imeinu (lit. our mother) in mind? Sarah, the wife of Abraham, was the first mother of our people. Sarah Imeinu, Sarah our Mother, our Matriarch. Sarah Imeinu, Sarah our Mother, our Matriarch. She is known as someone to emulate, someone to look up to, someone to respect and honor. Nov 24,  · Throughout the centuries, following the Jewish people’s exile from the land of our forefathers, when the name Rachel was evoked, the word “Imeinu”- our mother -was attached to it.

Many have risked their lives to visit her burial place, known as Kever Rachel, in Bethlehem. Advertisement We are like distressed children who run to their mother for comfort and soothing, knowing that she loves us and that our well being is her all consuming priority.

Mama Rachel, we call her. Rachel technically is our step-mother. These tribes broke away from the kingdom that was headed by the House of David who was from the tribe of Yehuda and created their own.

The Kingdom of Israel as it was called, was eventually invaded and many of its residents were exiled. Another tribe that came from Rachel, Benyamin, was almost decimated and its remnants blended into Yehuda.

Sarah imeinu the mother of the jewish people

Yet despite the fact that Rachel is not the biological ancestress of the Jewish people, the Torah says Rachel weeps for her children and advocates for them in Shomayim.

Why does it not say that she petitions Hashem on behalf of her nieces or nephews, or stepchildren? From their end, Jews worldwide embrace her as a mother, calling her Rachel Imeinu, instead of Tante Rachel.

In addition to blended families whose members have various degrees of kinship, there are infertile couples unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy who create their family through adoption.

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Unfortunately, while the various members of these non-traditional families consider each other as one family, some of their relatives do not share these same sentiments.

They feel like outsiders and their inevitable resentment and bitterness can undermine the shalom bayis of the whole family, which already is tentative as each member struggles to adjust to a new reality. After all, she may see her own face or that of her beloved husband or parents reflected in the features of the tiny face smiling up at her.

It is only human to be attracted to or reach out to the familiar root word is family. But the Torah teaches us that we are in fact one big family and should treat each other as such.

Rachel Imeinu cries for who she views as her children. A divorcee with kids, she married a man with several children of his own. Between the two, there are many simchas to celebrate and she told me that she goes to every one, and will continue to do so if her health allows it.Transcript of The Life of Sarah Imeinu.

The Life of Sarah Imeinu Historical Background #2 She was also the mother of Yitzchak Avinu. Historical Background #3 Sarai means “my princess” because she was the princess of her tribe (Jewish people) and her household. She also converted women to .

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Sarah was the wife of Abraham, and the first of the four matriarchs of the Jewish is widely referred to as Sarah Imeinu, “Sarah Our Mother.” Along with her husband, the Patriarch Abraham, Sarah was instrumental in teaching thousands of people about monotheism—the belief in one G‑d.1; Known for her kindness and hospitality, Sarah welcomed with open arms all who visited her tent Sarah, Role Model And Mother Of The Jewish People.

Sarah, Role Model And Mother Of The Jewish People Role models surround us; they are those who possess the qualities that we would like to have and those who have affected us in a way that makes us want to be better people, to advocate for ourselves and our goals and take leadership on the .

Dec 08,  · With respect to our heritage and the continuation of the Jewish people and of the tradition of women in the world, every mother we serve is imeinu. We can refer to each client with the pronoun “imeinu” as each mother we serve is a matriarch, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a cousin.

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When thinking about significant influence in my life my mind often wonders to Sarah Imeinu, the mother of the Jewish people. Sarah Imeinu’s life was anything but easy. She faced many hardships that could have sent anyone fleeing from the right derech.

Sarah imeinu the mother of the jewish people

How Jewish women can unleash the holiness of bread. There is something about making dough that can only be described with the old cliche, "real." I find that the rhythm of kneading and the fragrance of the loaves is as close as one can get to "experiencing" music.

In homes where Shabbat is the soul.

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