Reel to reel video tape editing service

History[ edit ] The machines were initially designed by Polish inventor Stefan Kudelski[1] and his company won numerous technical awards for their precision and reliability. Nagra-brand tape recorders were the de facto standard sound recording systems for motion picture and non-video single-camera television production from the s [3] until the s. After the introduction of crystal syncthe tape recorder could operate separately from the camera, each having a separate accurate clock guaranteed to stay in sync with the other, allowing the sound recordist significantly more freedom of movement.

Reel to reel video tape editing service

Tobin Cinema Systems, Inc. High End Film Scanning There are specially built machines for transferring film to digital format; these machines were first used by high end video production companies to transfer theatrical movies to digital format for broadcasters to use.

For example, the Movie Channel doesn't actually broadcast old movies from film. The word you should use when doing searches on the subject is "telecine.

Rather than taking a snapshot of each frame, like a camera, they scan the film a line at a time or even a pixel at a time. At first blush this sounds like a step backwards, but rather than needing to capture one million pixels in one flash, film scanners can afford to use a very high quality sensor because they need only one, reel to reel video tape editing service one row's worth.

Such equipment is invariably part of a suite of hardware dedicated to image processing, with trained operators to adjust lighting and correct color. When discussing color correction, there are a few terms to learn. The best quality, and most expensive, is "scene by scene" correction.

The operator will adjust lighting and color correction for each scene, and will ensure consistency in the colors between different scenes. Another advantage of film scanners is they advance the film continuously, rather than using the typical sprocket advance and register scheme.

This won't make a difference for some films, but many old films have bad splices and sprocket holes that are broken or "chewed on" and won't feed reliably through a sprocket mechanism. Some old films can even shrink, leading to bad sprocket hole spacing. The film scanner software has a means of registering each frame without relying on sprocket holes to do the job.

reel to reel video tape editing service

Having been around for a long time, these high end film scanners are now getting cheap enough for use in capturing home movies. Some services use old high end equipment from the s; others use state of the art equipment, but you pay for it.

Either way, the quality is likely to be a cut above frame by frame capture equipment. To process 8mm film, these machines need custom adapters, since they were designed for 16mm and 35mm work. Rank Cintel scanners were the top end scanners, but the Spirit DataCine 4K now seems to be the very expensive top end.

As far as I know, nobody does 8mm film transfers using Spirit-grade hardware. Transfer Format No matter which capture scheme is used, eventually you need to decide in what form do you want your digitized video to be returned to you.

All such places offer to transfer you films directly to DVD. They can add titles and even atmospheric music if you desire it. It is possible to grab the video off of these DVDs for subsequent editing, but it is already heavily compress MPEG2 video, and isn't convenient for editing.

If you don't want to mess with editing or pressing your own DVDs, then by all means, get your capture done directly to DVD. Another option is to have the film transferred to a DV video tape; these tapes are digital format, and require some means of transferring the bits from the tape into your PC for further editing.

DV files are reasonable for editing, as they offer frame level access with moderate compression. As I wanted maximum control over the end result, I opted to have my video captured and saved as a video files, one per film. I mailed a portable hard drive to the capture house and they returned my film as uncompressed AVI files.

Uncompressed video results in huge files, but the advantage is that there are no compression artifacts to worry about, and editing at an arbitrary frame level is no problem.

If you opt for a file-based transfer on a hard disk, there are more questions to be answered. What resolution should the film be captured?

What video container format should be used? What type of code should be used to put the video in the file? Should the film be captured with pulldown? Interlaced or progressive format?

Some of these subjects such as choice of codec require their own web page, but here is a very, very brief summary of some of these considerations. There is a temptation to capture the film at the highest offered resolution.

It does cost more, though, and processing the results is a lot slower than capturing at standard definition resolution x Keep in mind that 8mm frames are quite small less than 8mm!Willi Studer's first reel to reel tape recorder. There is an interesting story that Willi Studer was contracted to convert of the brush Soundmirror reel tape recorders to European specs.

He became frustrated with the level of quality of the units and decided he could build a better tape recorder. This splicing and editing block is great. Made from metal it should out last you, your children and grand children. This is a "must have" for anyone still using 1/4 inch reel to reel tape for recording and playback.

The original Film and Tape Transfer Service of New York.

reel to reel video tape editing service

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Video Editing and Shooting: Have a birthday or event coming up and need a. Nagra is a brand of portable audio recorders produced from in Switzerland. Since a range of high-end equipment aimed at the audiophile community was introduced as .

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