Peace on earth

Probably from a primary verb eiro; peace; by implication, prosperity.

Peace on earth

John Dear is a peace activist, author, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and organizer for www.

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You cannot seriously call yourself a follower of the nonviolent, peacemaking Jesus f you Peace on earth guns or support our wars. They were so excited, they couldn't contain themselves. That's what Christmas is about -- the coming of "peace on earth.

When we refused to learn "the things that make for peace," he broke down and wept. He took action to end systemic injustice, and he did it in a nonviolent way and, for his civil disobedience, he was brutally executed by the Roman Empire and died forgiving his killers.

When he rose from the dead, he came back not seeking vengeance or retaliation, but once again, offering his gift of peace. Now you practice nonviolence and go forth as a peacemaker into the world of war. That was his message. Two thousand years later, the world continues to reject "the things that make for peace.

This time, however, the empire's weapons have the power to destroy the entire planet. The money spent funding our wars and weapons bankrupts us and leaves millions in hunger. On top of that, our greed and systemic violence destroys the environment.

Catastrophic climate change is upon us, and looks to bring unprecedented new levels of violence and destruction in its wake. Once again, we categorically reject that Christmas gift of "peace on earth" and pursue the tired-old paradigm of "war on earth.

In the last few decades, two million people have been killed there in war. Our current war on the children of Afghanistan is the longest in our own nation's history, but you don't hear much about it and folks don't seem that concerned.

War is normal, permanent, institutionalized, taken for granted. This year, the U. We deliberately, systematically, intentionally wage war, kill children, and pursue "war on earth. Indeed, support for war, weapons or killing in any form is a complete betrayal of the nonviolent Jesus.

It mocks his life, Christmas and the God of peace. That's why I've come to the conclusion that no one can claim to be an authentic Christian any more if they support warfare and weapons.

Peace on earth

You cannot seriously call yourself a follower of the nonviolent, peacemaking Jesus, whom we celebrate and honor at Christmas, if you own guns, support our wars, defend our nuclear weapons arsenal, tolerate executions and catastrophic climate change, and participate in violence in any form.

Anyone who supports warfare, weapons or killing, even if they be a priest, minister or bishop, goes against the nonviolent Jesus. To be a Christian is to be a practitioner of creative nonviolence. To follow the peacemaking Jesus means becoming a peacemaker. If the birth of the nonviolent Jesus heralds the coming of "peace on earth," then those who honor or follow him must try to welcome that great Christmas gift of peace.

We join to renounce violence, join the global peace movement, work for disarmament and spend our lives making peace with everyone. Christmas invites us to reclaim our common imagination for peace, to herald a new future of peace, and so to resist the old paradigm of global war-making.

That vision of peace, announced by the nonviolent Jesus as God's "reign of peace," is breath-taking. It upholds a world without borders, one human family where everyone sees everyone else as a beloved sister or brother.

When we pray for the coming of that reign, we welcome God's gift of peace with all its challenging global, social, economic and political implications. To state the obvious:Peace on Earth—which man throughout the ages has so longed for and sought after—can never be established, never guaranteed, except by the diligent observance of the divinely established order.

Order in the Universe. 2. That a marvelous order predominates in the world of living beings and in the forces of nature, is the plain lesson which.

Dec 09,  · Directed by Hugh Harman. With Mel Blanc, The Hollywood Choir Boys. Two baby squirrels ask grandpa to explain what "men" are when he comes in singing "peace on earth, goodwill to men". Grandpa tells the story of man's last war/10(K). Listen free to Casting Crowns – Peace On Earth (I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day, O Come All Ye Faithful and more).

10 tracks (). Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at Peace on Earth is a one-reel Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon short directed by Hugh Harman, about a post-apocalyptic world populated only by animals.

Peace on earth will come, not by human efforts, but by means of God’s Kingdom, a heavenly government ruled by Christ Jesus. Notice how the Bible teaches us about this wonderful hope. A Christmas-themed album, Peace on Earth, appeared in , tiding over the group's fans (and yielding a number one hit, "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day") while Casting Crowns readied another LP .

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