Online fast food ordering system

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Online fast food ordering system

Introduction Problem Statement This case study looks at the problem of setting up a fast food restaurant. The basic problem in the food service industry is that restaurants are not realizing efficiencies that would result from better applications of technology in their daily operations.

Every fast food has counter where you can place your order and then make the payment. So every fast food needs an employee for taking the order and processing the payment. Labor rates are increasing every now and then and it is difficult to find employees in the middle of the highway, hence to solve this problem we plan to design a "Self Served Fast Food System.

Online fast food ordering system

For this system there will be a system administrator who will have the rights to enter the menu with their current prevailing prices. Now when the customer enters the restaurant, he will place his order with the help of the touch screen using the intuitive graphical user interface, right from the selection of language till the payment confirmation.

He will select from the food options according to his choice and the system will display the payment amount he has to make once he has finished with his order. He will have the option of paying the bill by cash, debit card or a credit card.

The user will slide his card and the system will check for the validity of the card and the payment will be made. A receipt will be printed containing the order number and the order will be sent in the kitchen for processing.

Anticipated Benefits This will minimize the number of employees at the back of the counter. The system will help to reduce the cost of labor. The system will be less probable to make mistake, since it?

This will avoid long queues at the counter due to the speed of execution and number of optimum screens to accommodate the maximum throughput. The system will be available 24 hours for days, because the machine is not going to take any sick or vacation leave.

This study lays out a framework for a new system to be developed and brought to the market for maximum use. The following issues, which are useful in performing a detailed analysis of the system, will be addressed in this study: What should the system do?

What are the systems requirements? How does the system work? Can the system work? What objects should be chosen and each of the subsystems functionality? How to verify and validate the system? The system has a user-friendly user interface.

A particular user of the system has no difficulty in reading the text on the display. The system is navigable through intuition. Menu choices are presented in form of buttons, which contain text as well as little pictures illustrating the choice for better understanding.

The system supports multi lingual capabilities. User is not a native speaker of the common spoken language in the country.

System caters to English universally accepted language for communication and other native languages, which are commonly spoken in the country where the system is operative. User selects a combo deal i.

User may want to make up his own order by selecting dishes. The system calculates and displays the final bill based on the placed order. System calculates final bill based on the quantity of the items multiplied by their unit price topped up by the applicable taxes if any.

User is given the option to either pay for the order or revise the order. System handles the payment for the user-defined order.

Online fast food ordering system

User decides to pay cash and system asks user to enter cash in the slot. System verifies the cash amount and gives refund if any after deducting the amount.

System informs user to swipe card through card reader. The system verifies the card and charges the amount of the bill to the card. Asks user to sign the bill on the signing pad.White Castle - Deer Park Avenue. DEER PARK, NY - View | DirectionsView | Directions.

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