Human geography coursework

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Human geography coursework

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Department Honors and Signature Experience The Honors Program of the Department of Political Science and Geography is an opportunity for advanced study for students who have demonstrated commendable academic performance. Students who are approved will enroll in the appropriate honors thesis courses during their final semester at UTSA.

To earn honors, the thesis must be passed by an Honors Committee that will be formed with the recommending faculty and two other faculty members.

Students interested in the Honors Program should contact the Department for additional information. As part of the College of Liberal and Fine Arts Signature Experience, which seeks to offer students opportunities to apply ideas and knowledge in real-world settings, the Department encourages students to enroll in mentorship courses such as an Internship, Independent Study, Study Abroad, and Research Practicum.

Majors may apply 3 or 6 semester credit hours of internship study to their baccalaureate program. Internships entail supervised workplace experience, allowing the integration of academic and practitioner learning.

The internship coordinator of the Department of Political Science and Geography oversees placement. Department faculty members provide supervision and grade internship performance. Further information can be obtained from the internship coordinator.

Human geography coursework

Independent Studies are arranged with Department faculty and normally cover topics that are not presented in listed courses.

The Research Practicum enables students to focus on an applied research project that makes a contribution to the discovery or resolution of community needs.Human geography is the branch of geography that deals with the study of people and their communities, cultures, economies, and interactions with the environment by studying their .

Our BA Geography programme will provide you with a broad understanding of the geographical aspects of human society and the physical environment, with the opportunity to .

Cross-cultural management is the new challenge to the new age managers.

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It's not just a Human Resource (HR) issue, but departmental managers are also equally responsible for managing and motivating their respective cross-cultural workforce for getting .

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Our ground-breaking BA/BSc Geography programme on the Penryn Campus in Cornwall offers a new, vibrant, and fresh approach to studying geography.

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