Hotels vs rvs

But for more than a decade now, campground owners and their national association have quietly been working behind the scenes to convince local governments to enact anti-RV ordinances that ban overnight camping in anything but a campground. As a result, thousands of places around North America have passed such ordinances.

Hotels vs rvs

This article was first published many years ago, when the cost of fuel and the cost of money were quite different than in today's economy.

However the logic of what's presented here has not changed. Note especially the comments in the "Summary" at the end if you want a clear presentation of the author's view. Incidentally, he is still Hotels vs rvs a revised spreadsheet to readers that so request as noted at the bottom.

What do you think they are doing? They are checking out each rig and mentally justifying their Hotels vs rvs personal RV or dreaming about that new rig. These are the major questions to answer: These age old dilemmas can only be evaluated by looking individually at you own situation, means, and desires.

Like our lifestyle, RV choices offer the same freedoms that we enjoy pursuing our RV deams This article does not address the EGO factor but does try to look at the choices from a financial point of view.

This evaluation requires making some assumptions and I have chosen a scenario of a typical heavy use of an RV. This case assumes that 40, miles are driven during 4 years with one half moving the "home" part of the RV and the other half in trips to the grocery store, sightseeing, medical appointments, and like driving.

We assume that this is a snowbird, living in the RV about the time and having a home base living in the RV plus days per year and covering a lot of country. Lighter use yields much higher cost per day and per mile, but lower overall cost. Heavier use yields lower cost per day and per mile, but higher cost overall.

Hotels vs rvs

Full timers can plug in their numbers and get an approximate cost from the model and then add their own campground fees to get a number that will tell you your cost of housing. The reasonable scenario to compare this snow bird saga would be a situation where a couple, makes several trips in airplanes, boats, trains or cars; live in motels or hotels; use rental cars; and eat out for an equivalent number of days.

I leave it up to you to calculate what this alternative scenario might cost. You must also add the cost of groceries and camping to the numbers shown in the charts to complete the comparison. Here is the fill in the blank form to complete your evaluation.

The cost of ownership is affected by financing or tying up hard earned capital. The ownership costs will be quite a bit higher for financed rigs, even though in some cases the interest can be considered tax deductible for primary or secondary house. Check with your tax accountant for this information.

Difficulty arises when comparisons are made because ego biases rational thought. I think you will find the comparisons interesting and will lead to interesting discussions with your significant other.

I have owned three Class A motorhomes, tow truck campers, and several tents. I have also driven many miles behind the wheel of a passenger bus.

My actual experience allowed me to perform reasonableness tests for the data presented herein. With that experience and published performance information from Trailer Life Magazines, Motorhome Magazine, manufacturers sales brochures and others, I will attempt to compare operating and ownership costs and then do some summary comparisons.

We all know that you don't very often get the book price when you sell a used coach, but again I used a number that would represent closer to the actual sales price of a used vehicle. I tried similar wholesale new and trade-in prices and they yielded similar numbers.

Using this approximate real market value procedure somewhat balances the low cost of money figure that I am using. I have chosen a 6. If you don't like the assumptions that I have used, then by all means use your own, but don't email me and tell me I'm wrong because these are my estimates.

I respect your right to make you own estimates. You will find an Excel spread sheet attached to this document that you can have your fun with. The assumptions below apply to all type of RV's Years of Ownership.Vacation: RV Camper or Hotel Room?

for children and adults alike to go bike riding or walking without the danger of traffic that is most common with hotels. RVs come with a kitchen, so you can cook a meal rather than going out to eat; a common pro that comes with RVs and a limitation on hotel rooms since most do not come with kitchens.

Aug 05,  · Hotel vs RV - Yellowstone National Park Forum. United States ; Wyoming (WY) Yellowstone National Park ; I'm trying to decide whether to rent an rv & tow my car or stay in hotels.

I have owned campers in the past but don't own one now. Report inappropriate content. Related: What are the most popular tours in Yellowstone .

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Clearly, there are pros and cons to getting behind the wheel of an RV. But many budget travel enthusiasts simply want an answer to the question "which way is cheaper, RVs or hotels?".

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Hotels vs rvs
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