Examples of different languages writing a resume

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Examples of different languages writing a resume

English is my native language. Portuguese was my first language. Spanish was taught to me in a young age but I am not fluent. I am currently taking French courses.

Able to speak, read and write Spanish, Fluent: Able to speak, read and write American Sign Language, Basic: Spanish, Limited Working Proficiency: Minimal conversations, know most numbers in price forms. Can greet customers and handle their basic needs.

No schooling for this French, Limited Working Proficiency: Minimal conversations, know a variety of foods and individual words. From 8th grade till 11th grade. Sales Fluent in English, 16 years: First language Tagalog, 16 years: Proficient in comprehension and dialect Spanish, 9 years: Proficient in only comprehension Professor and Lecturer Spanish, Intermediate: I have taken six years of Spanish education, counting high school courses.

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I have taken three college level Japanese courses. In total it counts as three semesters worth and makes me semi conversant. Psychiatrist English, 17 years: I have been speaking english since I could first talk.

I took two years of high school spanish, and one year in college. Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Tagalog, Fluent: The native language of the Philippines, where I was born and lived for 12 years.

After migrating to the U. Minimal Spanish conversation experience; speaking literacy is at beginner level. Mechanical Engineer Spanish, Expert: Very fluent in speaking the spanish language. Can also read and write the language professionally.Effective Resume Writing.

A resume is a medium for advertising yourself, its the first most means which you use to present yourself and try to claim that you are the best choice to . It is essential to know how to write resume foreign language skills, how to define them and then to phrase them in powerful ways that add value to prospective employers.

Once you decide to list your language proficiency on your resume, keep in mind that just making a blanket statement that you are proficient in a specific language is NOT.

examples of different languages writing a resume

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