Diference in writing manyoshu and kokinshu essay

Introduction What Is Kokin Wakashu?

Diference in writing manyoshu and kokinshu essay

The differences are not quite as conspicuous but the most obvious one is the difference in sizes. It is created by interchanging the lines of the poem starting with 5 syllables and then moving to 7 syllables and repeating; it ends with two lines both being 7 syllables.

The difference in size clearly means that the amount of information each type of poem conveys will be different. This most likely implies that the Kokinshu poems considered transferring the meaning of the poem in the shortest amount of words.

This means that they considered the perfection of the words more important than stylish, verbose phrases. The differences between the poems goes beyond length. The themes of the poems are also a distinctive factor. The poem by Hitomaro deals with nostalgic and sorrowful sentiments from the author to his wife, using nature as means to communicate these.

On the other hand, the poem from the Kokinshu is more straight in the fact the way that it does not use a lot of metaphors when he talks about nature.

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Based on the aforementioned statements, both poems are similar to their nature related topics, even though the Kokinshu poem is more heavily influenced by it.

Furthermore, tone is another blatant difference between both poems. In the Manyoshu poem, Hitomaro is very sentimental and expressive of his feelings. He expresses his yearning to see his wife and his uncontrollable sorrow for losing her. It is a very emotive poem.

However, the Kokinshu poem is a lot more direct. It expresses its emotional meanings directly through the use of nature. Perhaps this difference can be accounted to the fact that the Kokinshu poems are substantially shorter, which implies that the poet has to convey its main idea in a short and efficient fashion.


Nonetheless, both poems show clear aspects of Japanese literature during both periods. Their obliqueness is a clear aspect. Both poems tend to be indirect towards what they refer to. Also, both poems make use of makura kotoba and utamakura, or pillow words and place-name-pillow words, respectively.

Both literary tools serve to implicitly stand for something else. Most of the time these literary tools help to express natural phenomena by the authors.

However, in my own opinion, the Manyoshu poetry style is a lot more efficient since it has more lines to convey its theme and meaning.Japanese Literature (Student's name) Literature and Language (Institutional affiliation) Japanese Literature Kokinshu is signigicant in the literal and cultural history of the Japanese because it contains verses that captures the reader with their idea and beauty of intonation.

Jan 15,  · The Manyoshu, loosely translated as "collection of ten-thousand leaves," is Japan's most famous compilation of poems. Although the title might imply that there are ten-thousand poems in the collection (if the "leaves" are to be taken as poems), there are in fact closer to 4, arteensevilla.coms: 3.

Essay on Manyoshu vs. Kokinshu: Roles and Significance - The Manyoshu (meaning the "collection to be handed down throughout ten thousand eras" or the "collection of ten thousand leaves") is known as the oldest existing collection of Japanese poetry and was compiled during the Nara period. What Is Kokin Wakashu?.

Kokin Wakashu is an anthology of 1, Japanese poems (in the most widely circulated editions) compiled and edited early in the 10th century. The title, conventionally abridged in Japanese to Kokinshu, may be translated "Collection of Old and New Japanese Poems" or, perhaps more precisely, " Ancient and Modern Japanese Poems.".

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In this essay I will compare two types of Japanese poetry styles. The first one is the Manyoshu, also known as Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves, which dates to A. D. Next came the following period in Japanese poetry: the Kokin Wakashu (Collections of Poems Ancient and Modern) period or commonly known as the Kokinshu, which dates to A.D.

Diference in Writing Man’yōshū and Kokinshū Essay; Diference in Writing Man’yōshū and Kokinshū Essay. Words 4 Pages. Show More. Essay Writing: Writing And Writing.

Diference in writing manyoshu and kokinshu essay

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