Descriptive essay of a messy room

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Descriptive essay of a messy room

My Room; Descriptive Essay | Vintageladner's Blog

My room is my sanctuary from the outside; its four walls serving as the walls of my castle. My fortress against haste and hurry, school and teachers, as well as the assignments and projects haunt my sleep. My room it is a place of peace, separate from hustle and bustle; indeed, my room is full of quiet.

For each of these there is a purpose in its existence; a reason in its being. As you enter into my room, you are greeted by our two messy shelves, to the right of you, and in front of you, both of them full of odds and ends which outnumber the books themselves.

The shelves line the brown closet, to your right and my silver bed to the front you. As you advance to the middle of my junk-filled room, more of the furniture greets your eye. In front of you are the green curtains that protect us from prying eyes as we sleep and the door to the porch, and finally below you is the rug, greeting you with dinosaur pattern covered with dust and grime.

Through the door is the porch, surrounded by bare walls and a cement floor.

Descriptive essay of a messy room

The porch oversees the street and our front yard, watching all the passersby. My desk is full of things forgotten, treasures of another day.

I rarely use it, but I stack on it the homework of the day as I finish the day after a long day at school. My desk is the place I store my games and things I want to save.

My desk serves as a means of storage and stacking, its original purpose rarely done. My desk is like many of the things in my room, many serve as storage for the mess that consumes the whole room.

Descriptive essay of a room

I find that my room is the lived in sort of room, the type where you can tell that people have lived in it and have enjoyed living there. I like my room, for it is full of fun and peace. Many a night I have read there during the hours before sleep.

I think that my room is a place of refuge; indeed, it is safe from the troubles of the day. My room, there is nothing like a place of refuge, such as my room, in a life full of activity and stress. My room is a real blessing to me, and I really appreciate having it.Descriptive essay of a messy room Do a roommate would just break up to braid.

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Photo essay writing blue-book essays, my room descriptive essay . Jul 10,  · When located in this room for an amount of time, one may either feel the need to thoroughly clean this mess, or a sense of insanity may overcome oneself, with the only cure being removal from the room and continuation of Resolved.

Descriptive writing is a literary device in which the author uses details to paint a picture with their words.

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This process will provide readers with descriptions of people, places, objects, and events through the use of suitable details. My Messy Room I am currently sitting in my bedroom, on a cold winter day.


My feet touching the rough surface of my ancient Persian carpet, walls of orangey orange stare at me through the pictures on them, and the mountains of dirty clothes falling over me as if there was an avalanche going on. Descriptive essay about my living room.

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My Room; Descriptive Essay | Vintageladner's Blog