Critical book review the looming tower

Acknowledgments and Notes on Sources p. Wright examines the impact of secularism, "Americanism," Israel, and the growing influence of radical Islam.

Critical book review the looming tower

I actually laughed because the classical commentaries on Qur'an have explained this verse centuries before and I can see how the people who committed the heinous act of terror have misquoted this verse to suit their purpose and justify their actions.

I will provide the historical context of this verse and also the message from this verse. In pre-islamic period, the people of Makkah were polytheistic and there was also a lot of oppression, slavery and much injustice in the society.

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him started preaching Islam to the people of Makkah and asked people to worship only Allah, be just with people and warned them of the consequences in the hereafter of associating partners with Allah.

He started alone and as time progressed, there were people who found the truth of his call and joined him. But they were just few. The polytheists of Makkah hated them, oppressed them and tried to kill them. The muslims wanted to fight them back.

However, Allah ordered the muslims to be patient with them, forgive them and call them to islam since fighting was not legislated.

Then the muslims, migrated to Madinah since it was too dangerous for them to stay at Makkah. In Madinah, muslims got power, support and strength.

Critical book review the looming tower

Then, it was commanded to fight the oppressors, and idolators of Makkah. You should notice that the muslims were very patient at the beginning, however the people of Makkah didn't change their ways.

When the fighting was commanded, some of the muslims were weary and also fearful in facing the idolators at the battle. As in the verse before in Qur'an, Allah mentions them: But then when fighting was ordained for them, at once a party of them feared men as they fear Allah or with [even] greater fear.

Why have You ordained for us fighting Would that You had granted us respite for a short period' [An-Nisa: Hence, in order to encourage them to fight, Allah reveals in the same verse: Say, The enjoyment of this world is little, and the Hereafter is better for he who fears Allah.

That is, everything in this world is little compared to the reward in the hereafter if one fights in the cause of Allah. And this was fighting against oppression and injustice. And since some of those muslims feared death, Allah revealed in next verse: Wherever you may be, death will overtake you, even if you should be within towers of lofty construction.

Now, this verse - It shows the reality of death. Those muslims feared their death in battle and preferred to remain at their homes.

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To them Allah said even if you are in your homes, and even if you make big lofty towers and hide inside it, you cannot prevent death. This is the reality of death i. So, Allah tells them that the matter of death is in the complete control of Allah and death will take them at the time decreed by Allah.

Fighting in the cause of Allah doesn't hasten it or locking yourself in lofty towers will not prevent it or delay it. No one can escape death. Everyone has an appointed time, and a limited term of life. In the famous commentary of Ibn Katheerhe mentions the incident of commander of the muslims in several battles, in context of this verse.

Khalid bin Al-Walid, the commander of muslims, wanted to always die in a battle. However, he did not. Because, it was not in his control. He died a natural death. In the illness that preceded his death, Khalid bin Al-Walid said, while in his bed, "I participated in so and so number of battles, and every part of my body sustained an injury due to a stab or a shot.

Yet here I am, I die in my bed! Let not the eyes of the cowards ever taste sleep. That is why Allah tells them in the same verse: But if good comes to them, they say, "This is from Allah "; and if evil befalls them, they say, "This is from you.

Critical book review the looming tower

That is both good and bad things that happen to them is from Allah and it is his control. This verse has, in reality, nothing to do with towers, or skyscrappers or anything of that sort. It was just meant to convey the message about reality of death which I explained above.The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright: Mini Book Review.

April 10, Sarah Dickinson Books to Read, History, Nonfiction, War 3 Nonfiction – History Released August, . The Looming Tower TVMA • Drama • TV Series • Based on the Pulitzer-Prize winning book, The Looming Tower traces the rising threat of Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda in the late s and how the rivalry between the FBI and CIA during that time may have inadvertently set the path for .

The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright is a factual account of the rise of Al-Qaeda and the road they travelled to 9/ Quick Book Reviews A collection of book reviews, written by a small group of literature lovers, of all the books we consider noteworthy.

A critical book report on Lawrence Wright's The Looming Tower. Introduction The September 11th terrorist hijackings and attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon caught the United States largely by surprise.

In The Looming Tower, Lawrence Wright pulls together years of evidence to reconstruct the events that led to 9/He follows the actions of many people whose actions, or inaction, had an effect on the events that occured on that day. He follows four people in particular, tracing their pasts and path to 9/ With the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Looming Tower, Lawrence Wright became generally acknowledged as one of our major journalists writing on terrorism in the Middle collection draws on several articles he wrote while researching that book as well as many that he's written since, following where and how al-Qaeda and its core cultlike beliefs have morphed and spread.

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