Contemporary issues in nigeria public administration

At that time, scientists began to realize the need to move towards a new model in public administration based on strengthening the public nature of governance. This implicates an important change of the state's role: During the implementation of this model the most important effect is possible in case of observance of the principles of openness, innovation, decentralization, and also the combination of market and state regulation, individual freedom and new forms of individual and collective responsibility [1; 2; 3]. The public nature of development has a significant number of problems, among which unresolved contradictions in the actions of the state, businesses and the public.

Contemporary issues in nigeria public administration

By Andrew Vaz October The question is whether it will specifically address all significant issues. Implementing government policy in a world of increasing demand and finite resources will pose a problem for governments to deal with in the coming decades.

It is time for public administrators to come together and analyze the fundamental problems within the field with the mindset that old practices will not work going forward. Thus, looking for solutions should not come from traditional, but rather, unconventional sources.

The problem is not unique and it requires thinking out-of-the-box. Corruption in Government As legislators who commit fraud or governments who alienate citizens find ways to continue their illicit activities, public administrators must develop newer countermeasures that ensure accountability.

Last year, three in four Americans 75 percent perceived corruption as widespread in government. Reform is required to fix this problem. One such reform is the disclosure of budget information, which prevents waste and misappropriation of resources.

For example, Transparency International Sri Lanka promotes transparent and participatory budgeting by training local communities to comment on the proposed budgets of their local government. The Rise of New Technologies Technology will have a significant impact on how governments interact with their citizenry and Contemporary issues in nigeria public administration appropriate legislation to meet demand.

The increased power and accessibility of technology is at the core of most massive perceptual and lifestyle changes in the past decade. High-speed internet has lifted the veil of behind-the-doors meetings and most government operations.

More people have cheaper, faster access to stronger, more portable technology that allows them to find and share information. Technology changes the way the news is reported, the way law enforcement works, and the way leaders communicate with their constituents.

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One way to get more diversity in government and to promote social equity in decision-making concerns citizen involvement.

Instead of talking down to citizens, we should be listening to the public. Public administrators bring complex issues to the attention of the public.

They use public meetings to create discussions, can even delegate research and policy recommendations to a local body that is close to the issue, and then meet to make a decision based upon the recommendations of that body.

Citizen involvement helps ensure that public managers do their best to make decisions in the best interest of their constituents. Racial Discrimination A persistent problem, discrimination based on race does occur. With the ever growing populations of our world, governments must modernize their policies to avoid prejudice and implicit bias.

Not dissimilar is the conflict in Ukraine that requires a more nuanced understanding of the democratic process in culturally and ethnically divided nations.

Public administrators have the obligation to protect minorities from abuse by others. This includes law enforcement. Agencies must improve on their training methods and remove techniques that promote implicit bias toward minorities.

Body cameras have ensured accountability by forcing police officers to perform their duties without misconduct. Administrators must work hard to prevent unequal wealth distribution, especially in the United States, as certain legislators favor economic policies that benefit the wealthy.

The best example of this is the tax policies of the United States, where the wealthiest Americans pay the same tax rate as the middle and the lower class.

Administrators can look at these attempts to manipulate government and advocate for minority groups by discussing the issues with agency leaders.

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Conclusion In order to be effective administrators in the 21st century, public administrators must observe past mistakes and develop new, innovative approaches to significant issues in the public policy arena.

The new demand of ever increasing and changing populations requires us to do so. Andrew R Vaz, M. About The American Society for Public Administration is the largest and most prominent professional association for public administration. It is dedicated to advancing the art, science, teaching and practice of public and non-profit administration.It is widely acknowledge that the public service since the country independence has failed to realize the purpose for which it established.

While its size, role, and consumption of the national budget, and activities have grown over to make the public sector the largest employer in the formal sector. Contemporary issues in Nigeria public Meritocratic abuse in the Nigeria public sector BY EKANEM VIVIEN ONYINYE Matric no: /Degree/DL Department of public administration and local government University of Nigeria Nsuka.

public administration institutions for the emerging challenges, including those related to the issues of competence, performance, and integrity of the public service) are now being debated within and across political parties.

In consonance with the momentous changes taking place in the broad governance Nigeria and Kenya, public. It discusses the various administrative organs and agencies in Nigeria, the civil/public service and current issues in Public Administration in Nigeria.

Contemporary issues in nigeria public administration

It also examines various problems inherent in Nigerian Public Administration and the role of the military in enhancing and/or combating these challenges. Contemporary Issues in Nigeria Public Administration - Essay Example The public sector over the years has grown in size, role, and consumption of national budget there by making it the largest employer in all the sectors and very sensitive one.

Thus, public administration becomes the result of a kind of social contract, according to which state powers are transferred to government institutions, and the people are the source of these powers, which automatically makes the public administration the most important sort .

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