Consulting for a local record label essay

I believe your efforts start on a local level with knowing the correct protocol and tactics for maximizing your profile. The age old saying of "Build It And They Will Come" is really the best motto to live by when you are trying to get noticed. Following are some very helpful hints and suggestions that should be implemented in your plan of attack for building a following and getting noticed. Never ever send your package to a label that doesn't accept unsolicited material.

Consulting for a local record label essay

It makes sense to take a few simple, additional steps to formalize what you are doing under the business title of Record Label. The advantages of doing this are: This establishes your income as coming from recording activities.

Record Label Consulting - Start your own record label

Many labels were started by artists with the sole purpose of putting out their own music. You can begin small and just put out your own music on your own label. There are some benefits to doing this; a multi-artist label has an easier time getting distribution deals and when your records are not selling well, income from other artists on your label may sustain you and keep the dream alive.

Legally you can use the same name as a dry cleaner example, Cyclone Records and Cyclone Cleanersyou just may prefer to avoid direct name recognition competition with established businesses in your area. I suggest avoiding the following label names: You might even be advised to avoid names like Microshaft Records; corporate lawyers are so powerful they might be able to cause plenty of headaches for you just when you finally secure that national distribution contract.

Consulting for a local record label essay

It can give the music buyer a sense of the type of music on the label Shrapnel Records, Earth Beat! This label name will be your calling card when distributors, record stores, or larger labels refuse to deal with you as an individual artist or band.

Over 60 years of recorded music history from Aretha Franklin & Led Zeppelin to Bruno Mars & Ed Sheeran. Starting a record label involves multiple legal considerations. These include choosing the best legal structure for the label, obtaining licenses and permits, picking a name for the label, dealing with copyright issues, and getting adequate insurance. Jun 27,  · How to Start a Record Label. The music industry is changing rapidly, there is always a need for forward-thinking record labels. Search for them in the local papers, or local music blogs, and make contact. Invite them to lunch, or to your studio (or to the studio you like to use), and keep in %(18).

To see examples of the wide variety of names in use out there, check out some of the lists of record labels and record companies on the WWW.

Use a search engine like AltaVista on the Internet to help you find this information. After your record label is established, make sure you e-mail sites like these with your label name and mailing address, so the world knows your new record label exists.

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A search is performed to ensure that the name is not in use by another business in the state. When I started Guitar Nine Records, I went to the Registrar of Deeds office in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, filled out the form, looked up the name in the computer with the help of one of the workers there, and paid my fee.

One is a sole proprietorship, which is a single owner situation where profits, losses, risks and liabilities are all the responsibility of you, the owner.

The second is a partnership, which is simply where two or more partners share the risks and rewards.Win A Record Deal DO IT Records Win A Record Deal is a unique music competition designed for anyone from a solo artist to a full band, all you need to enter the .

I'm a Graphic Designer, eLearning Specialist, and LMS Consultant. Lately, I've had a focus on corporate and educational online learning environments. Born and raised in SoCal, I started my career in doing illustrations for a local record label called Tapas Records in Missoula, MT.

I quickly moved into the digital/desktop publishing arena and started producing album covers. As Sing is King gains popularity and familiarity, the band will become attractive for local record companies to hire them for record label.

B.R.S.S will play its role to offer specialized and intimate PR services and promotional assistance. STARTING A RECORD LABEL By, Dan McAvinchey Releasing your own music on CD means that, for all intents and purposes, you've become your own record label, even if you didn't go about the administrative tasks of setting up a separate company.

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