Case 4 5 hyundai s turnaround

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Case 4 5 hyundai s turnaround

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With little fanfare, Hyundai has quickly become a powerhouse in green motoring. From hybrid and all-electric vehicles to hydrogen fuel cell and soon diesel products, they've got the market cornered -- and have done so while delivering the sort of value for money that customers have come to expect.

Complementing the Sonata Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid mid-size sedans, the Ioniq family brought eco-friendly motoring at an approachable price when it launched in For an all-new plug-in hybrid model joins the lineup.

Despite its official name as the Ioniq Electric Plus, this car is not so much a version of the Ioniq Electric with a gasoline engine, but a more substantially electrified version of the standard Ioniq Hybrid. It shares the same 1. Its electric motor has also been beefed up to put out 60 hp, up from When working simultaneously, the powertrain produces hp and lb-ft of torque.


Per the badge on the fastback, it can be plugged in to charge, taking as little as two hours and fifteen minutes with a Level II volt plug. No Level II charger? A full charge on a standard household outlet takes about nine hours. If it weren't for plug-in badges on its fenders and tailgate, you'd be hard pressed to tell that the Ioniq Plug Electric Plus was anything other than a modern compact car.

Differences between the Electric Plus and the Hybrid are minor at best: We applaud Hyundai's resistance to making its dedicated line of eco-friendly hatchbacks deliberately quirky. While we're all for flaunting innovation and technology, it's not hard to understand the brand's rationale for keeping things simple - not everyone wants to drive an oddity on four wheels.

The interior is equally understated. The most significant change of note for the plug-in version is matte blue trim around the air vents and dashboard which add a pleasant splash of colour to the otherwise grey cabin.

There's no weird gearshift lever, no unusual shapes or materials, and no gimmicky graphics and sounds.

Hyundai Transmission

Just unplug, get in, and drive off. The Ioniq Electric Plus is a relaxed car to drive around town. It happily cruised in silence along Vancouver's traffic-clogged arteries and had no trouble running at highway speeds on pure electric power.

But jump on the gas hard enough, and the four-cylinder engine fires right up -- even with a fully charged battery pack. This might come as a bit of a surprise for those familiar with plug-ins, which typically deplete their store of electrons before moving to gasoline.

Hyundai's rationale for this is to deliver optimal range and performance, which makes sense given the Ioniq's charter of a normal-feeling car.

Press the button marked "HEV" and the Electric Plus runs like a traditional hybrid, turning the gas engine on and off as needed to conserve maximum battery life for later in the journey. While not a sporty car, Hyundai saw it fit to include a sport driving mode, which sharpens the throttle response, adds a bit of heft to the steering, and switches the TFT instrument cluster to display a tachometer.

There are even functional paddles for manual shifting, though we doubt most owners will use them following their initial discovery. We also doubt most drivers will find joy in hustling the Ioniq; the fingertip-light steering is vague, and the soft suspension permits for considerable body roll.

Case 4 5 hyundai s turnaround

While most plug-in hybrid shine when running purely on electric power, the Ioniq Electric Plus feels most cohesive when its powertrains work together. Here, it's just like an ordinary compact car.

The added punch of the electric motor is noticed over the standard Ioniq, while the six-speed dual clutch transmission provides linear and direct acceleration.

Case 4 5 hyundai s turnaround

The incessant droning most CVT-equipped hybrids are prone to is absent. Best of all, the Ioniq Electric Plus doesn't sacrifice excellent fuel economy.

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