A summary of bush redux

One other thing to bear in mind: Inevitably that would have been challenged in court. And inevitably that case would have ended up on the U. So denying cert here just would have delayed matters further.

A summary of bush redux

It is the last hope for imperialism and the old democracy. The theoretical interpretation of the United States, its past, present and future has become therefore a truly international task, a part of the international struggle.

James, "Education, Agitation, and Propaganda," It may even be that the true predicaments of our time will assume their authentic form—and not necessarily the cruelest—only when totalitarianism has become a thing of the past. For those of us with connections to the dead, grief is still close at hand.

It is thus difficult to reflect on these events with equanimity and proper ethical balance, while also insisting on situating them within a historical and political context. But it nonetheless seems important to try. With a B-movie resonance that loops through a perpetual media feedback, the images of commercial jets flying into skyscrapers remain hauntingly dissonant, as if everything the postmodern sages have told us about the dissolution of the borders between fact and fiction were true.

Historically Speaking

But as the U. To start with the war itself: The nightly reports of the fighting in Afghanistan have had an unmistakably Orwellian ring to them—an eerie, stage-managed quality that seems designed at once to reassure us and to prepare us for what we have been told will be a new era of perpetual insecurity.

We have been shown maps of territory bombed; we have been told of "networks" disrupted, "infrastructures" destroyed, and "terrorists" incarcerated. Yet, at the same time, little substantive evidence has been presented that any tangible goals have been achieved beyond the devastation of an already devastated land.

It is not clear that any living perpetrators of the crimes of September 11 have actually been identified, captured, or killed. Despite the new office of "homeland security," newly delegated powers of "antiterrorism," and daily briefings about public safety, we hear that new and potentially more deadly terrorist strikes on U.

There is no mitigating the terrible events of September 11, or the inevitable symbolic, psychic, and material changes they have wrought. Yet it seems desperately important to diagnose and deconstruct the meaning of the open-ended "war on terrorism" that has become the official, dominant response.

Slowly and piecemeal, a far more prosaic picture is emerging in which, were it not for the routine failures of a domestic intelligence apparatus—from the FBI field offices in Minnesota to the White House briefing room—the inevitably fragile plot may have been foiled.

And, though it is now cast as a misstep, Bush's opening salvo was arguably both a spontaneous communication and a calculated assurance to his far-right base that the Christian nationalist traditions of U.Jeff Jarvis has an excellent summary and analysis of recent comments made by Margaret Cho and Bill Maher on the subject.

A summary of bush redux

The money 'graph: Amazing that leftist "comedians" can be politically. Clinton Bush Reagan Redux: A Review of the Bush Critical Habitat Record Center for Biological Diversity July 1, The federal government is supposed to designate critical habitat areas encompassing all lands and water “essential to the conservation” of endangered species.

Between and it regularly did so with. Reading Summary: The Imperial Presidency Redux Schlesinger argues that perennial threats, real or fabricated, in the field of foreign affairs, have given rise to the Imperial Presidency with the redux being the most recent Bush administration.

Boumediene v. Bush.


Search. Table of Contents. Constitutional Law Keyed to Sullivan. Add to Library. Law Dictionary. CASE BRIEFS. Law Dictionary Brief Fact Summary. Aliens classified as enemy combatants in custody at Guantanamo Bay request the court to determine whether they have the right to file a writ for habeas corpus, which is a.

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BUSH REDUX. Immigration Reform Proposal Shows Similar Ideas Betweeen Bush and Obama A speedy, smart summary of all the news you need to know (and nothing you don't). Romney – Bush Redux. A few days ago I did a post on Romney’s foreign arteensevilla.com it looks familiar it should – his foreign policy advisors are mostly retreads from the Bush/Cheney administration.

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